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Mask of Infamy


And So It Begins…

In a time when the underground metal scene is littered with bands seemingly obsessed with aggression or image, Mask Of Infamy steps forward flying the flag of melody, not afraid to take influences from bands over the passed three decades and display this in their music, both vocally and instrumentally. Combining these inspirations of old with more modern influences, Mask Of Infamy have developed and refined a sound that is unmistakably theirs; blending melodic leads, crushing rhythms and anthemic vocals that stand tall with the best of them.

With the sad and recent passings of some of metal’s greats, Mask Of Infamy strive to be the band that will carry the torch for decades to come and stand at the forefront of heavy metal’s future.



The Story So Far...

In the fall of 2007, Ryan Ashley found himself at a loose end, having recently left lead guitar duties in another band. Deciding it was time to take up the band-leader duties where he could be in the driving seat, Mask Of Infamy was born. After the inevitable numerous line-up changes due to musical differences, a solid structure was found in the fluid playing of Rich Edkins on guitar, the Steve Harris inspired James Allsop on bass guitar and the diverse JJ Gaskin on drums, with Ryan taking care of lead vocals and guitar. It was this line-up that was to enter the studio and record Unleashed From Origin, which marks the first release by the band.

Only a few months after the cd was launched, JJ Gaskin was to leave the band in January 2011. Months passed as the search for JJ's replacement continued, until Arran Broadhead drew attention with his solid and aggressive drumming, playing for a local Iron Maiden tribute act. During this time, Ryan also decided to hang up his guitar and focus entirely on vocals, resulting in the lightning-fast Mike Thompson (Ryan's former Deadfall bandmate) being approached for the vacant guitar slot. A few weeks of discussions followed when both Arran and Mike entered the studio and auditioned together, and after storming through the songs that make Unleashed From Origin, were immediatley welcomed aboard, taking Mask Of Infamy up to a five piece outfit.

Now with the material recorded and the new line-up in place, Mask Of Infamy will be charging forwards with an unstoppable force to perform their arena-worthy show at every music venue possible, handing out FREE copies of the demo to ensure their music is spread around every town and city they play!!

Cheers n Beers!!

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